Teledyne Relays and Switches, “Indium Phosphide Active RF Switches”

Packaged ​SPDT Indium Phosphide Active RF Switches​​

​​Teledyne Relays’ packaged SPDT Indium Phosphide Active RF Switches provide low insertion loss and high linearity, with bandwidths from DC​ up to 60GHz. These switches also maintain excellent signal integrity beyond 40Gbps, and have a very compact package size of 3mm x 3mm x 1mm. Teledyne​’s Active RF​​ switches are ideal for test and measurement systems, microwave communication, and radar applications. ​

SPDT Indium Phosphide Active RF Switch Die​​

The InPD1012 series is a wideband, reflective, SPDT Active RF Switch Die, manufactured using Teledyne’s high-speed, low-loss InP HEMT process. With bandwidths from DC to 60GHz, and signal integrity up to and above 40Gbps, this switch die is ideal for integration into test and measurement equipment, microwave communications, and radar applications. The InPD1012 can tolerate up to 100 krads of radiation, alowing it to be used in space applications as well.