EI Sensor, Temperature Sensing Thermistor Probe Assemblies

EI Sensor Technologies offers a wide range of Thermistor probe assemblies for applications throughout industries such as Industrial Electronics and Controls, Building Automation, HVAC/R, Medical Electronics, Food Handling and Processing as well as White Goods.  They offer a variety of housing styles including NPT Threaded, Ring Lug, Clip-On Pipe Probes and Flanged in materials ranging from Stainless Steel to Copper to Plastic.  A selection of standard probe assemblies can be found on their website but there are countless options to customize a design. EI Sensor’s application engineering team is ready to assist with the design of an assembly which meets a customer’s specific requirements.  EI Sensor, Excellence in Temperature Sensing

Teledyne Relays and Switches, “Indium Phosphide Active RF Switches”

Packaged ​SPDT Indium Phosphide Active RF Switches​​

​​Teledyne Relays’ packaged SPDT Indium Phosphide Active RF Switches provide low insertion loss and high linearity, with bandwidths from DC​ up to 60GHz. These switches also maintain excellent signal integrity beyond 40Gbps, and have a very compact package size of 3mm x 3mm x 1mm. Teledyne​’s Active RF​​ switches are ideal for test and measurement systems, microwave communication, and radar applications. ​

SPDT Indium Phosphide Active RF Switch Die​​

The InPD1012 series is a wideband, reflective, SPDT Active RF Switch Die, manufactured using Teledyne’s high-speed, low-loss InP HEMT process. With bandwidths from DC to 60GHz, and signal integrity up to and above 40Gbps, this switch die is ideal for integration into test and measurement equipment, microwave communications, and radar applications. The InPD1012 can tolerate up to 100 krads of radiation, alowing it to be used in space applications as well. 

Conec, “DT connector series”

Whether tractors, excavators or construction machines, the segment IVCM (Industrial Vehicles and Construction Machines) places high demands on the valve connectors used.

CONEC has extended its portfolio of valve connectors by an overmoulded variant of the DT connector series.

The CONEC series of overmoulded DT valve connectors is assembled in-house and overmoulded and thus provides optimal protection against external influences in harsh environments, for example in underground applications, low temperatures or in dusty, hot conditions.
The DT connector series is designed as cable to cable connection and it is latched and locked via a latch with the mating connector. To unlock, the latch must be pressed down. Thus a quick and safe IP67 tight connection can be established.

Optionally the overmoulded DT connector series comes with an LED to indicate the signal status and protection circuit. A unique feature is the 360° visibility of the LED. The protection circuit keeps switching and interference voltage away from the LED and connected systems.

To provide additional protection for the connecting cable in harsh environments, overmoulding is done in the typical CONEC shape to provide the opportunity to clamp a protection hose directly to the overmoulding. Optionally, the protection hose may be directly connected to the overmould via an M12 nut.

Available mounting options that are plugged to the connector housing can be used with the overmoulding as before.
Currently, CONEC DT valve connectors are available as 2-pole and 3-pole versions as male and female connectors..